Introduction on nigeria social responsiblity

We had thought it was a well-kept secret. The special congress gave us an opportunity to broaden the anti-apartheid forces, and gave a voice to the restricted organisations.

Fosatu came to the meeting declaring that it would never sacrifice worker control and non-racialism. The summit passed a unanimous resolution rejecting "the present system of registration insofar as it is designed to control and interfere in the internal affairs of the union.

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International Committee of the Red Cross

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The merger occurred at the height of wage struggles in the Western Cape cotton textile industry, a struggle to which the ex-TWIU members adapted remarkably well. Are trademarks of belair insurance company related forums: Cosatu is poorly organised in some areas of the manufacturing and service sectors.

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Thus Cosatu has had to broaden its scope of concern, for example, the Education Department has had to revise its courses for organisers and shopstewards to accommodate the needs of public sector workers. At the time, some unionists were hostile to non-union organisations on the grounds that these were not "pure working class organisations".

These reforms and improvements are a tribute to the blood and courage of millions of struggling workers. How to locate a local car rental.

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Fosatu and its allies argued for immediate practical steps to form the federation. In a sector in which employment is consistently declining, Num continues to grow.

Some Fosatu and Cusa affiliates intended to register while other unions were opposed to registration. How do we create jobs and improve conditions in such a situation. That was the origin of our relationship. Even more unbelievable to Cosatu members, given repression and the enmity towards the policeforce in the days of apartheid, would have been the thought of soldiers, prison warders, and policemen becoming Cosatu members.

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Mufamadi regards the term "community" unions - used to describe UDF-aligned unions - as a misnomer. Overnighted, so i drove to church on time. During the final feasibility meeting, delegates discussed a name for the new federation.

Would it get off the ground given major differences. The feasibility committee's first meeting was concrete and fruitful and, among other things, agreement was reached on demarcation.

Some of the earlier demands for paid public holidays, education and training, are now either law or in the process of becoming law. Sasol owns the coal mines from which it manufactures oil and other products, and CWIU organises these workers.

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The first half was great but it went downhill towards the end. I wish we had more of a closure for Hae Soo and Wang So. As one of our many firsts, we are one of the first merchant banks to be awarded a licence in Nigeria in this new era. First Securities Discount House Limited was incorporated in as the first discount house in Nigeria.

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International Committee of the Red Cross

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Shopsteward. Volume 4. No.6 - December Special Cosatu Tenth Anniversary Edition Ten years of workers' unity and struggle Contents. Editorial. Messages of support. Editorial. In the leadership of unions and federations participating in unity talks nearly committed political suicide by proclaiming: "there is no basis for the formation of a federation of all unions represented at this stage.

Introduction on nigeria social responsiblity
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Shopsteward Volume 4 No 6