Unhealthy lifestyle of american citizens essay

The cuisine of Texas has been influenced by the Mexican and Spanish styles of cooking. They present a number of dangers to our lives; high cholesterol found normally in animal foods for instance elevatess levels of blood cholesterol, which apparently increase the risks of stroke or heart diseases.

Again here is an occurrence of a partially tested additive with claims Of it harming consumers health. Globally… Food consumption per person with a rise of almost kcal per person per day. Some immigrants coming to the USA keep some of their traditions and language, but integrate into the American lifestyle in a number of ways.

Diabetes mellitus for instance claimed the lives of 30 million people ten years ago, approximately million lives today and worse of all, it is estimated to rise to million lives by the year American Diabetes Association, Change in mood quality occurs in 6. Our white blood cells are strengthened by healthy eating and are able to protect our bodies from diseases much easier.

Unhealthy living has become a status quo in this world that we are living in today. Dizziness occurs in 8. Apple pie is also very popular with Americans being an authentic part of the US cuisine.

Unhealthy eating lifestyle also results to heartburn, Acid Reflux, kidney stones, Migraine and headache to a large portion of the population. Poor diet, lack of physical activities and exercise, smoking, excessive alcohol intake and taking diets that are low in both vegetables and fruits is the main causes of this catastrophe.

Shocking American Health Statistics

This can be proved by the fact that New York is known for being home to Broadway, and the whole American nation has a very distinct theatrical history. Actually, any food can cause allergy, but the particular ones to be blamed for the highest percentage of allergies, are eggs, milk, tree nuts, fish, peanuts, and wheat.

The high percentage of the population that is overweight or obese suggests that many in the United States overconsume calories. The most dreadful cause that every person should avoid like a plague is the unhealthy lifestyle that we have been addicted to.

Obesity is not only physical, rather it also brings emotional risks into the light. More than half of the population is meeting or exceeding total grain and total protein foods recommendations, but, as discussed later in the chapter, are not meeting the recommendations for the subgroups within each of these food groups.

These diseases apparently happen not to be the leading causes of the deaths experienced in the world. These are the types of activities that we engage ourselves in, so unfortunate that we are digging an early grave for ourselves.

Additional aspects Of nutrition like vitamins and minerals aid the body and help provide many health benefits. America could save billions they were to just become healthier.

Apple pie is also very popular with Americans being an authentic part of the US cuisine. Finally, there is a need to discuss the diversity of arts in the United States.

Although consumption is the largest reason behind this problem, physical fitness plays its role too. If people value their lives, they would find it imperative to note that the effects of unhealthy lifestyles by far exceed what medicine has to offer and that an early death is the ultimate outcome for unhealthy living.

It is known that almost every region in the world has somehow contributed to the American culture, as this country has long been a country of immigrants, since the times when it was colonized by the British.

This can be proved by the fact that New York is known for being home to Broadway, and the whole American nation has a very distinct theatrical history.

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At the same time, lots of immigrants bring something new to the American culture so that it continues to change and evolve. American culture would be of great interest to everyone who is fond of learning new things about the world around.

As shown in Figurewhen compared to the Healthy U. It ranges from burritos to shredded cheese and chili. Medical bills can pile up very fast due to all of the resulting health risk triggered by obesity. Understanding what current intakes are and how food groups and other dietary components are consumed can help inform shifts that are needed to support healthy eating patterns.

The way Americans currently live is an unsustainable and unrealistic way, filled with flaws and problems that will soon lead to an insurmountable problem. A well balanced and healthy nutrition consists of fruits, vegetables, grains, protein foods, and dairy.

Governments and other stake holders should enforce policies aimed at sustaining healthy life styles to all. Schedules will change throughout their life and so will their eating habits.

Every person will have a different daily schedule one way or another. Some people. Healthy people make a healthy nation. People are considered healthy if they are physically, mentally, spiritually and emotionally fit.

Health is an essential factor in. Current American culture essay will discuss the most peculiar aspects of the US customs and traditions. The following essay on American culture will deal with such elements of the US culture as language, religion, American style and food, music, sports and some others.

Here are some shocking American health statistics from Health Fitness Revolution and author of the book ReSYNC Your Life Samir Becic: Americans are the biggest consumer of weight loss products (80%) in the world, yet still lead the world in obesity and unhealthy lifestyle.

The percentage of. The Astounding Truth About Why Americans Are So Unhealthy The way we eat is killing us.

Custom America's Unhealthy Lifestyle essay paper writing service

Something has got to change. The average American citizen does not purposely eat greasy, fatty foods every day; it's just what's available to them.

Lots of Americans can't afford to go to the supermarket every day and buy supplies for a healthy. Unhealthy Lifestyle of American Citizens Essay - The United States of America is one of the most advanced mass producing countries in the world.

With vast technological and agricultural advances, physical activity and minimal production of crops has become obsolete.

Unhealthy lifestyle of american citizens essay
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